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Screen protector availability

I'm posting this to see what people are doing for screen protectors as they become available. I reached out to Supershieldz as I am really happy with their tempered glass protector for the 945. They responded that they should have the film version in 2 weeks and glass version in 3 weeks for the 955.

  • Can you confirm the diameter of your 945 protectors? 40mm? I see 41mm protectors on Amazon for Samsung watches. My 945 LTE uses 38mm so I’m trying to guess a temporary size for my 955 which looks to be here in a day or two!

  • I purchased 945 LTE screen protectors. Do they fit 100%? No, but it fits well enough for me to feel comfortable with the protection for a few weeks until proper 955 ones come out

  • i have 945LTE protectors so i can do that on day 1, but i don't mind spending $7 to get something closer before the official ones come out. can you estimate how much wider the 955 needs to be? if i recall, the 945LTE is 38mm, but i would need to measure to confirm.

  • I got my 955 solar today. I’m measuring the screen as 1.636 inches (41.5544 mm) edge to edge. If I were to custom order a screen protector I would start with 1.62 inch diameter.  For comparison, my 945 screen protector measures 1.572 inches edge to edge and it covers nearly 100% of the 945 screen.  I measured twice with calipers but I can’t guarantee I am spot on but should be darn close. 

    If anyone finds a good one for the 955 please let me know. Thanks. 

  • If you’re looking for something to use immediately, my backup BROTECH glass screen protector for my old 935 seems to fit quite well. Not sure who has them in stock. I bought these about five years ago. 

  • Following measurements

    Here are some 41.5mm protectors:

  • i ended up ordering a set of 935 protectors from Amazon as temp ones until Supershieldz comes out with their official ones for the 955. but i surprisingly found i had an extra 935 one in my drawer (i thought i had given then all away.. i can confirm it works good enough for now, but it would be good if it were 1mm or so bigger. without calipers, i would say its about 40.5mm which is consistent with everything stated here. so i'll have two backups at 40.5mm presumably until the official one appears (but i will have to confirm...maybe the supershieldz will be bigger than the one i found in my drawer)

  • Just measured my 7X screen protector and it's 41,75mm too big than?

  • I have old 230 protector from protectionfims24 and it suits do good that i have problem to take it off :)