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Screen protector availability

I'm posting this to see what people are doing for screen protectors as they become available. I reached out to Supershieldz as I am really happy with their tempered glass protector for the 945. They responded that they should have the film version in 2 weeks and glass version in 3 weeks for the 955.

  • thanks for this info. i guess this should make me feel better about not ordering my 955 right away. :p although i imagine that i could slap a slightly smaller protector on the 955 if there is nothing available when i receive my watch.

  • I wonder what the chances are that the Fenix 7 (midsize) glass is the same size as the 955. Maybe that would work?

  • waiting me too for a screen protector, for now I use the one of the 945 is a little too small but better than nothing

  • great question - the glass protection on my 945 was sat waiting for the 945 to arrive and has been on since day 1 - and the screen is still perfect so hoping someone comes out with one asap also.

    Do we know the precise diameter of the screen up to the edge of the bezel yet, as rightly pointed out - one of the existing fenix or simailr could fit

  • protector from FR945 would not temporary fit? 

  • It fit but is too small, around 1 mm extra space around( so 2 mm diameter extra)

  • Hmmm, how do screen protectors impact touch? Always have/had screenprotectors on my forerunners... but wondering about the 955 in that sense

  • I dont see and feel any difference probably it impact more the solar but not at a level that you can see...same as a screen protector on a phone. 

  • i'm hoping it doesn't. i asked a bunch of ppl about this with the Fenix 7 and most said it did not in any real noticeable way.

  • anyone here have the watch in hand? can someone get a semi-precise measurement of the glass area that one would want to cover with the glass protector? while we wait for a "perfect fit" we may be able to research a solution by contacting SuperShieldz to see if the already have a round protector that is within 1mm of what we need (ie, some other Garmin model or even another manufacturer -- that was the case with my 945LTE... the protector i was shipped originally was too small and then quickly sent me another one that fit perfectly based on the measurements i gave them)