Anyone else getting false abnormal HR warnings after recent updates?

I've had the abnormal (high) HR warning enabled at 100bpm since it was first supported and never had it go off until recently.

Now it's gone off maybe 4-5 times reporting 120bpm+ whilst sitting and a couple of those times I measured my HR using the sensor on my Samsung GS9+ phone, it reported the expected ~60bpm whilst sitting at my office desk during an alert on the FR945.

I could just be getting unlucky, but wondered if anyone else was now having false alarms also?

  • I've always had abnormal HR warnings, it happens when I am sitting still.

    To prevent this I am wearing the watch upside down, on the inside of the wrist so OHR gets enough of blood flow to measure.

  • Yes, I have same experience with FR945.

    Sometimes I get false abnormal HR warnings when I am only sitting. When I immediately check it on SG8 or pulse oximeter, HR is always ok (60~70 bpm). With same setup of limits on my FR935 I never saw it.

  • reporting 120bpm+ whilst sitting

    I've had a similar experience without the alert. I was lying on the couch watching a movie shortly after the latest update. I received a text message and looked at my watch when I realized my HR was displaying in the mid 120's.  I knew this was far from the case.  The 4 hr graph was showing it elevated for the last hour too.  That's when I thought to myself, why didn't my HR alert go off?  Anyway, it was just the one time for me. 

  • I had abnormal HR alerts, but most probably because I had almost 4 months where I wasn't allowed to sweat. Now after 1 month that I again can sweat, I haven't seen them.. So false, no.