auto pause when stopped during structured workouts (running, training peaks)

i have a forerunner 945, which will not auto pause during run activities started via/under a training peaks structured workout (maybe not any structured workouts, but i've only tried run ones). i can stand still for a long time and it won't pause. I have enabled the auto pause feature under activity settings, run settings. I also tried the custom auto pause setting and it didn't seem to pause.

The feature seems to work under other activities (e.g. xc ski) and when not doing a training peaks structured workout (just a normal run activity). Doing a normal run activity without structured workouts, it does seem to pause almost the instant you stop moving.

Is there a way to make auto pause work during a structured workout, or is this some limitation of either the workout, or of Garmin's. Or do I have a fauly unit? this was suggested as a possibility by a support agent on Garmin chat.

I noticed on some other threads there is some strange interaction between the auto lap feature and structured workouts, but not sure if this might suggest there is also something weird with the auto pause feature (i have turned off auto lapping and don't need it, but definitely would prefer to have auto pause work during structured workouts).

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