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High Battery Drain - Potential Workaround

The below steps are meant to address complaints of increased battery drain that some have reported after recent updates. These steps may not work for 100% of users experiencing this, and for those of you please know we are continuing investigation into a permanent fix. 

Also, we understand that there are other threads on these topics and ask that users only respond to this post if you have attempted the below steps. Whether this works or not, we would like to hear that to aid us moving forward. Thank you all for your patience while we look into this. 

  1. From the Settings->Music menu, change the music provider to either “Control Phone” or “My Music”. Exit the settings menu to the main watch face.
  2. Power off the watch via the normal method, and then power the device back on. The battery drain should return to normal for the duration of the power cycle.
  3. If you prefer to use another music provider, please follow steps 1 and 2 before selecting your preferred music provider. 

If your device restarts for any reason, or if your battery consumption increases again, please repeat these steps.