Forerunner 945 Public Beta 3.77 is now available



  • For any issues that you encounter please fill out the form included in the download and attach it to an email to [email protected] Please note that you may not get a response to the email unless we need more information on the issue you report.
  • Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.

Changes made from version 3.30 to 3.77:

  • Add Garmin Swim 2 Features: Advanced Swim Workouts, Auto rest, Critical Swim Speed, Swim Pacing Alerts
  • Added all-day respiration, respiration widget, and breathwork activity
  • Improved treadmill calibration
  • Added Pilates
  • Improvements to audio playback, audio apps
  • Fixed crash that could occur on activity save at high elevation
  • Fixed issue where sometimes heart rate and PulseOx data would not show when all-day PulseOx was enabled
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Installation Instructions

  1. Connect your Forerunner 945 to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. Download and unzip Place the GUPDATE.GCD file in the \GARMIN folder of your device's internal storage drive.
  3. In Forerunner945_377Beta, go to the RemoteSW folder. Place the GUP3114.GCD and GUP3303.GCD file in the \GARMIN\REMOTESW folder of your device's internal storage drive.
  4. Disconnect your device from the computer, approve the update on the watch, and wait for the update to finish.
  5. If you would like to revert to the last public release software, place the GUPDATE-330.GCD file in the \GARMIN folder. Rename GUPDATE-330.GCD to GUPDATE.GCD before disconnecting your device. To revert the RemoteSW, place the RemoteSW\Downgrades\GUP3114-270.GCD and RemoteSW\Downgrades\GUP-3303-430.GCD in the \GARMIN\REMOTESW folder. NOTE: If you revert to an older version of software, all of your settings will be reset to defaults.
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  • We'll need you to follow up with the email address at the beginning of the original post. Beta feedback is handled in a specific way which is listed in the notes. 

    i am not sure now, if to send it, today in the morning i tried 2 other breathing workouts "Tranquility" & "Relax and Focus (Short)", both didn't crash, as soon as i have time, i will test the "Coherence" workout from yesterday, or was there a hot fix till today?

    Anyway, battery drain looks high again :-\

    Where i can find the 24h breathing widget on Garmin Connect Android?

    EDIT: tried  "Coherence" workout again today, now without reboot of the watch!