Sensors loosing connections easy and not connecting at all

Since a few days or weeks i have mayor issues with sensors of all kind. All my HR Sensors have been gone after the last update, whatever one it was. Then i add one after one again, some HR blue and red and a BT Footpod from Polar, etc. etc. Already the pairing took a while and once paired, it has hard time to connect tonthe watch. Yesterday i went to the gym and wanted to run on the treadmill and no sensor was connecting. I waited for a while and decided to reboot the watch, which after the reboot, the watch was connecting to my Red HR Monitor and my Polar Footpod. Then i started running and i saw, that i get no speed or pace from the pod and after a while the HR Monitor disconnected and reconnected again and again. In the meantime i stopped the running pod and the pace was as always way off even if i had calibrated the watch a while ago. I did a reset days ago as the issue with the sensors was persistent, but this did not help. This watch has so much issues... anyone an idea how to get stabel connections again? Not tontalk about OHR whcih is way off either and the runnung speed and pace on the treadmill etc...i have had all Garmin watches in the past but this one is a pity