Footpod / GPS connection during run

Good evening.

My question is regarding something that confuses me with footpod connection.

I use garmin footpod for outside runs and "Settings" are set to always use footpod instead of GPS. Before i start my activity i check in "Sensors" that footpod is connected. Then i initiate an activity and see a sign that footpod is connected. I run for 1-2 minutes and then see on top of my screen green sign "GPS".

Does it mean that my footpod keeps getting disconnected and then watch decides to activate GPS since it sees no footpod? If yes - how can i rectify this issue?

P.S. Have no such problem during treadmill runs/ Footpod works as expected without any disconnects.

Thank you for advice.

  • I dont see any disconection at all... I think your watch works perfect...   The watch connect the footpod, and uses it for obtain the speed run...  the watch also enables GPS for save your route...   When you syncs the watch and you see the route in Garmin Connect, the way runned, the trace of points you run are determined by GPS. But the speed and pace of your run are determined by footpod, as you specified.

    Its my opinion...   Excuse my poor english  :-S

  • Did you wait for a gps lock? My guess is not and the notification is the gps lock. When you look for the sensors, wait for the red bar at the top to turn green then press start.

  • That "always" setting just means that during the run the pace and distance information comes from the footpod, not the GPS. It doesn't mean the GPS isn't working, it is still recording as normal. The green "GPS" sign comes up when the watch first gets a GPS fix. It is probably best to wait for this before starting the activity because it makes all data more accurate.

    If you really want no GPS information at all you can just use the treadmill profile with a footpod when you are running outside, but what's the point of doing that after spending all that money on a GPS enabled device.

  • I have a slightly different take on this issue. I think you should set your watch to GPS + GLONASS and leave it there. That will give you the most accurate possible reports on your stats. I think running out of doors with a foot pod connected does not disconnect your watch from GPS and GLONASS. I think this set up calibrates your foot pod. Next, when you run indoors on a small track or a treadmill, turn off GPS and GLONASS. That will make you watch depend on your foot pod for stats. That's my method. Hope this helps!   

  • I think this set up calibrates your foot pod.

    Yes it does, but it is also used as a pace and/or distance source when enabled in the settings, while GPS is still used to record the track.

    So to sum it up: Using a footpod outdoors for pace/distance does not mean by itself, that GPS is not used.