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Forerunner 945 System SW 3.30 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile. 

Change Log System SW 3.30

  • Added PacePro feature.
  • Added additional data field configurations (5 and 6 field).
  • Added graphical gauge data fields (i.e. Heart Rate, Cadence, etc.)
  • Improve ANT+ and BLE sensor management
  • Improvements to phone and sensor connectivity
  • Improvements to headphone pairing, connectivity, and media player
  • Improvements/fixes for WiFi connectivity (fix for 0200 Error)
  • Improvements to golf
  • Improvement/fixes for Connect IQ
  • Improvements/fixes for Spotify
  • Bluetooth software update to address battery life issues that could occur on some devices
  • Some improvements for segments/Strava segments
  • Fix blocky elevation issue
  • Fix potential device freeze on activity summary loop
  • Brought in treadmill calibration improvement. There is an additional issue with calibration that is being actively investigated for release
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Additional updates on the same Rollout schedule

Sensor Hub 2.70

  • low battery mode was introduced on ConnectIQ years ago.

    I never saw that Garmin brought other stock watchfaces to a watch. Its a pity, they have a lot of nice ones all over the place.

  • I am not sure that this is an entirely fair comment. If you are interested to test the Forerunner 945 firmware in beta, you can always go to the Beta site ( and download the firmware there. However, this might mean that you download a firmware that does not work as supposed, which I personally find too frustrating. 

  • yeah - but as a (bad) developer myself :-) i compare my code to the one written by the framework application developers (sap in my case) and there are always some extra tricks they implement; i don't say 3rd party developers write bad code but i suspect that the one written by garmin runs faster with less resources

  • Looks like the rest of us have to wait till next week. I wish Garmin would roll out daily. 

  • dcrainmaker did a nice article on how the pace pro feature works!

  • I would LOVE to be able to log hydration via my 945 into the Garmin Hydration widget that can be found on Garmin Connect!! I realize there are some 3rd party apps/widgets that can track on their own, but integration with the Connect widget is key.

  • Why don't you go and buy a F6 instead of requesting more bugs for the Forerunner?

  • good one ;-) - basically it's the weight, otherwise i would have bought the f6, honestly. and the f6s is a bit too small; regarding architecture and inducing bugs, most probably there's something similar to a hardware abstraction layer, that lets garmin applications to be shared among different hw platforms (like running apps for 245 and 945) hence it should be pretty easy to share apps; obviously i might be wrong, but in the modern age, that should be common sense when designing hw and sw...

  • Yes, I also don't understand why they don't just enable the widget for other watches.
    If someone can supply the widget file, we could side load it.

    Because it is a ConnectIQ widget, its hard to implement any bugs on the watch with it.

  • think you don't know what luxury it is to even have something like betas and update announcements with a feature list. I'm coming from suunto and there, communication is really abysmal. 

    Garmin is a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company with the biggest market share in the Sport Watch industry. If they are incapable of improving logistics for their products, I don't know what to tell you. 

    I can understand your request but these updates you have listed are quite a bit different than major device updates. These are dependent on device region, customer region, languages each user has installed, as well as other factors. There are far more variables in play when compared to system software updates and sensor hub updates. 

    Again, this is logistical problems that may or may not be interdependent upon each other, but lining up your ducks might improve the chance they may be. For example, There's a bug fix here for:

    Fix blocky elevation issue

    Now, what if I had downloaded this SW update BEFORE I updated the maps? Is there a chance this might cause a problem? Perhaps it does and I report it. Had we seen a Map update before the SW update I could have avoided it. Maybe I get the SW update, get a problem, download the maps and now THAT causes a whole different problem. 

    I'm of course assuming this can happen, and I might be wrong; but, why continue this route that leads to layers of calamities when Garmin could intuitively line up software info to offset any and all bugs from appearing. 

    With that being said  

    That being said, I will take this feedback and see how we can improve our communication moving forward. 

    Thank you, that's all I ask.