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Forerunner 945 System SW 3.30 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile. 

Change Log System SW 3.30

  • Added PacePro feature.
  • Added additional data field configurations (5 and 6 field).
  • Added graphical gauge data fields (i.e. Heart Rate, Cadence, etc.)
  • Improve ANT+ and BLE sensor management
  • Improvements to phone and sensor connectivity
  • Improvements to headphone pairing, connectivity, and media player
  • Improvements/fixes for WiFi connectivity (fix for 0200 Error)
  • Improvements to golf
  • Improvement/fixes for Connect IQ
  • Improvements/fixes for Spotify
  • Bluetooth software update to address battery life issues that could occur on some devices
  • Some improvements for segments/Strava segments
  • Fix blocky elevation issue
  • Fix potential device freeze on activity summary loop
  • Brought in treadmill calibration improvement. There is an additional issue with calibration that is being actively investigated for release
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Additional updates on the same Rollout schedule

Sensor Hub 2.70

  • If you are out of luck, several days. They change the title when the next step of phased rollout is done. I hate that, why can't they provide it via link like every beta? Once, in the good old Fenix 3 days, public releases where also provided for direct download.

    If you need 6 data fields to survive, instal 3.15 beta. Its in there.

  • Yes, providing the next beta for Fenix 6 seems more important than the stable version of the Forerunner top model.

    I don't get it why they can't put it into firmware section on the website like it was once done (with older model). That way, people who care can jump the ship and the vast majority will stay in phased rollout Former Member?

  • IIRC, a year or so ago, there was a Forerunner 935 update that "broke" the watch and they only found out during the 20% roll-out phase. They pulled it after that so they could fix the glitch and a new revision was pushed shortly thereafter.

    I suspect as well that an over-the-air, phased rollout instead of allowing people to download willy-nillie lets Garmin monitor which devices are getting the update to isolate issues. (Rev A, B, C)

    It's a prudent approach that follows project management and software development best practices.

    Only the techno-fetishists seem to complain about not being first.

  • I can understand a staggered roll out with Windows OS for example, when the user base are made up of thousands and thousands of different hardware configurations. But with this watch example maybe 4 different revisions? (and not every revision is hardware based) This approach seems to me like Garmin don't have a robust beta testing program with a good scope of testers before they release updates.

  • This approach seems to me like Garmin don't have a robust beta testing program with a good scope of testers before they release updates.

    OH, I find that completely plausible too!

    DCRainmaker wrote as much in his recent article titled "Garmin’s Biggest Competitor Is Their Own Software Instability".

    Playing armchair quarterback here... maybe Garmin doesn't WANT a lot of beta testers (aside from existing user base) as it represents a possible source of leaked info their competitors could use. *shrug* We'll never know - the inner workings of Garmin are a black box.

  • I will retract slightly on my earlier comment I did not consider the different mobile hardware that could be possibly paired with the watch. If you include the myriad of phones in the market today old and new there is possibly a lot that can go wrong and unnoticed during testing. But again it comes down to having a robust test program that covers the majority of mobile devices out there.

  • Can someone who already updated? drop update file?

  • ps: Former Member - it would also be pretty nice if the next fw update will include also some fenix6 watch faces ;-). such a nice design and such a shame that only f6 users get them...

  • Agreed, new stock watch faces are always welcome! (I know we can download others)

  • yeah...but i'd expect garmin ones to have a better resource (aka battery) management :-) -hence my request...