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Forerunner 945 System SW 3.30 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile. 

Change Log System SW 3.30

  • Added PacePro feature.
  • Added additional data field configurations (5 and 6 field).
  • Added graphical gauge data fields (i.e. Heart Rate, Cadence, etc.)
  • Improve ANT+ and BLE sensor management
  • Improvements to phone and sensor connectivity
  • Improvements to headphone pairing, connectivity, and media player
  • Improvements/fixes for WiFi connectivity (fix for 0200 Error)
  • Improvements to golf
  • Improvement/fixes for Connect IQ
  • Improvements/fixes for Spotify
  • Bluetooth software update to address battery life issues that could occur on some devices
  • Some improvements for segments/Strava segments
  • Fix blocky elevation issue
  • Fix potential device freeze on activity summary loop
  • Brought in treadmill calibration improvement. There is an additional issue with calibration that is being actively investigated for release
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Additional updates on the same Rollout schedule

Sensor Hub 2.70

  • Will I be able to get to 3.30 update before this weekend?

  • this rollout takes very long, is there something wrong in this rollout, haven't got it till today?

  • The problem was the weekend. A phased Rollout needs Someone watching the rolled out devices to stop the rollout of big problems occur. It would make no sense to automate this over the weekend. 

  • I don't think the weekend was the problem, the rollout was halted at 20% for 3 days prior to hitting the weekend. Regardless, I still think there are improvements to be made on how updated firmware gets distributed to Garmin users. I don't know of any other company that announces they have new firmware available but denies those who want to be early adopters access to it. I think that there is an opportunity to harness the feedback from people that frequent these forums and/or those who are quite willing to use beta versions in order to prevent big problems to the masses......

  • This topic is from 6th. So first updated on that day. Earliest on Thursday they have some data to continue or not. And as this is pretty big, they maybe want more data before rolling more. So then it's already Friday.

    And good practice is not to release anything on Friday.

    I would guess that we see percentage go up today, or if not, then there's some problem in the firmware and we can wait another release.

  • Guys, just google "forerunner 945 3.30 gcd" and you can find it on reddit

  • What about the ANT / BLE Files?

  • Well, the rollout percentage hasn't gone up, maybe there's something wrong with it then :)

    I can wait... Also I'm not allowed to sweat atm, so can't even do sports :(

  • Comment from that topic:
    "Please note: this does not include the Sensor Hub 2.70 update and the ANT/BLE 4.30 update.
    (I'm still on sensor hub 2.50 and ant/ble 3.60… mainly because I don't know which gcd files where provide the update.)"

    So... no Disappointed

  • I’m on 3.30, sensor hub 2.70 and ant/ble 4.30 and I can confirm the WHR during all day tracking is still trash compared to activity mode. Especially during cycling it doesn’t pick up an elevated heartrate, as reported before in multiple threads. Starting any activity fixes the WHR instantly, but it still feels like there is some battery preserving mechanic at work during all-day tracking that is too strict. Been there since the 2.64 beta (or maybe 2.50). I would really like to see this fixed.