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Forerunner 945 System SW 3.30 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile. 

Change Log System SW 3.30

  • Added PacePro feature.
  • Added additional data field configurations (5 and 6 field).
  • Added graphical gauge data fields (i.e. Heart Rate, Cadence, etc.)
  • Improve ANT+ and BLE sensor management
  • Improvements to phone and sensor connectivity
  • Improvements to headphone pairing, connectivity, and media player
  • Improvements/fixes for WiFi connectivity (fix for 0200 Error)
  • Improvements to golf
  • Improvement/fixes for Connect IQ
  • Improvements/fixes for Spotify
  • Bluetooth software update to address battery life issues that could occur on some devices
  • Some improvements for segments/Strava segments
  • Fix blocky elevation issue
  • Fix potential device freeze on activity summary loop
  • Brought in treadmill calibration improvement. There is an additional issue with calibration that is being actively investigated for release
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Additional updates on the same Rollout schedule

Sensor Hub 2.70

  • thanks Former Member. any ideea if / when can we expect power manager and widget glances? also the hydration widget would be a very cool addition...



  • Is there some documentation on these specific features and how to configure/use them?

  • On my 935 I could have a historic/ graph of elevation profile during activity. It seems to be gone on the 945. What happened to it? Can we get it?

  • My Garmin Connect app uploaded the software update to my watch when I did a sync. But nothing happened after that and the new software is not installing. What do I need to do to initiate the process?

  • Did you power cycle the watch? In some systems that triggers an update

  • Yes I tried powering off and on and also tried a hard reset by holding down the upper left button for 15 seconds.

  • did you try starting it from its menu point?
    long press up, scroll (up, its faster) to system and up again to software-update

  • In the software update menu it only allows me to toggle auto update on and off. I don't have my pc right now but when I get home I will try to update again using Garmin Express.

  • It is a phased roll out which I personally think is really annoying :) there is no way of forcing it until Garmin decide your unit should get it unless someone posts the .GCD file on the forums. In order to check if its available, you can open Garmin Express and click on "Check for updates" then "View Details" and if its not listed in their then you wont get it until you repeat that same process and the version upgrade appears. 

  • Well.. it's annoying yes but you have to also understand that this serves twin purpose. First and more importantly if there is a problem with the update it will affect less devices and secondly it lowers the possibility of congestion of the channel and the servers which could drop a connection. All mobile device updates are done with phased rollouts as there will always be devices that get broken by the update, so phasing it is a way to manage potential mass hard briking of devices.