ClimbPro makes no sense (for cycling)

This feature looked very intersting (on paper) so it was one othe things that convinced me to upgrade from 935 to 945 as I use the watch both for running an cycling. However after some months of use I am kind of dissapointed. The feature is pretty useless because it devides the course in random climbs. Sometimes it just extend the actual climb way beyond the summit or in a extreme situation it considered a 50 miles course as a whole climb just becase the last 5 miles were a real climb. In other cases takes a several miles segment with up and downhils and tagged as a climb. I tried to create courses both in Strava and GC and it was the same. I do not know what I am doing wrong or it is just another uselless feature to add to the list of useless features packed in the FR945.

Thanks for reading