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Jaybird Vista working with 945?

Anyone have this working with 945? Do button controls work? Specifically can I change volume from earbuds (Doing from watch is hazardous while running)?

  • Thanks Mirko, saw that - glad to see this is now considered by Garmin taken the number of users using Jaybird Vista sync to the 945. Hopefully this will get resolve quickly. 

    Last Bike training, I tries fixed my 945 on the bike handlebars but even doing so the issue persists and it keeps disconnecting. I trust Garmin will resolve it Slight smile 

  • It seems that you are right. This afternoon I started running and after 5 minutes my Vistas disconnected. Right now I disconnected the phone from the watch, I set the bluetooth of the phone=OFF and I connected the watch with the Vistas. Now it's about 30 minutes that I'm listening to the Vistas after starting a new activity and everything is fine, no disconnection. Maybe this tip could be useful to for addressing and solving the issue.

  • Doesn't this point to a limitation of BT? Namely that you can only connect to one source at a time? 

  • Urgh!!

    As some may recall I had this problem and it went away completely. It's been at least a couple of months and now it is back with a vengeance.

    Generally after 5 minutes music will just stop and eventually the headphones report disconnected - if you check in the watch settings as soon as the sound stops then it still thinks they are connected for a little while.

    Over the weekend it happened over and over and over again - over 26 miles of running I ended up only using the watch for music for about 6/7 miles of it before I got utterly fed up and used the phone instead.

    I also had occasional inteferance of the sound and also one side working and not the other.

    The issue was really making up for lost time!

    I disconnected bluetooth on my phone entirely so it wasn't connected to the watch.

    I did a hard reset of the headphones.

    Nothing sorted it.

    I really hope this gets fixed properly soon.

  • Thanks cardiffdavid. I experienced the exact same issues and thus frustration from the last 6/7 months. Having tried all options here discussed in this forum, the disconnection issue still persists when using Jaybird Vista connected with 945. Its extremely annoying mostly when you set your training sessions with a dedicated playlist. 
    GarminBrooks - thanks for earlier acknowledged the issue with BT. could we please get a timeline/target date for a remediation to this BT issue? 

  • Yes as the new firmware for 945 doesn’t mention this but the firmware for 145 DOES, will we get new firmware that tackles it soon as the 245 has?

  • I have exactly the same problem with my vistas and forerunner 745, it only happens when I Run after 15 minutes, I use my fr in the right wrist, I bought the vistas like a month ago and I’m asking for a replacement.

  • Just to add to this - I have the Vivoactive 3 music and have the exact same issue - disconnects after 5 to 10 minutes. I have had to revert to an old pair of Bluetooth headphones which keep a stable connection. Extremely annoying.

  • No, it's about one year that I have the FR945 and the connection between the FR945 and the Vista was rock solid for months. The problem of disconnection arised about two months ago, so it's a problem of the recent firmware. It could also be that my phone is not up to snuff, because it's a old MotoG5Plus, but why I hadn't no problems for months?

  • I've had the following back from a Jaybird representative after asking them if they're familiar with a case being raised:

    I appreciate your time and sharing the information. I would like to inform you that it could be a compatibility issue with Garmin watch. I can see that issue arises mostly with Vista headset. I would like to inform you that it could be that Garmin software is not compatible with Vista software. I do not see any issue with Vista headset. 

    I do apologize for the inconvenience which you have experienced. 

    Have a feeling this will never be resolved..