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Jaybird Vista working with 945?

Anyone have this working with 945? Do button controls work? Specifically can I change volume from earbuds (Doing from watch is hazardous while running)?

  • I am having exactly the same problem of late. For 4 or 5 runs it disconnects 10 mins in. Today, for the first time, I couldn't connect to my Vistas at all- it just failed to connect . I am sure the buds are OK as they work with my phone and other devices. I read somewhere that the problem might be linked to the recent upgrade of OS3.6 to OS 4.1. Is that right I wonder? If so, does anyone know how to do that?

  • I have the same issue when using Jaybird Vista paired with the 245M.  No real solution so far.   Very hopeful Garmin will release a patch quickly since it appears the issue is occurring across a few different watches.

  • Ive had this problem a lot suddenly and missed your thread. I updated to 5.50 firmware and initially the issue was there, but then the next proper run I did which was about 80 minutes - it didn't drop out at all. I'm trying it again later and will report back!

  • After updating to 5.50 again the problem of disconnection of the Vista. I try to remove them from sensor and repair them again. Strange, I never had problems with the Vistas before this firmware and the previous firmware. 

  • Did my second run today since updating to 5.50 - first run was about 80 minutes on Sunday, no disconnection, tonight was 34 minute run and no disconnections. 

  • Will @Garmin do anything about this extremely annoying issue? For me the BT-connection drops after 30 minutes, every time a run. Had no problem whatsoever until the 5.30 update. If I press play again it will work for a few more minutes, and the same problem occur. Over and over. It worked great before and the headphones still work great with my iphone so i guess it's a software issue on Garmin's side. Maybe I should you just buy a Polar watch.

  • I do believe it has something to do with the latest update. I tried different headphones and there is no issue at all. Somehow the update effected only jaybird vistas which is odd. Unfortunately I ended up exchanging them for a pair of the new Bose earbuds. No more connection problems

  • Issue started for me with FW5.15 and after.  5.09 and prior were fine.  5.5 seems to be "better" than some others, as disconnections seem less frequent (even did one complete run with no issue), but still not working properly.  

  • Just to confirm - out for 4 hours yesterday. Perfect connection. I had 1 issue where it seemed to have frozen after I paused it whilst visiting a cafe. 5 minutes later it was ok. No disconnecting, stopping or distortion etc.

    Once I had updated to 5.50 I reset the headphones, unpaired them with the watch, then readied as new.

    I know it’s no help when you’re still having problems but just for info. 

  • After updating to 5.50 firmware, I had disconnection every 5 minutes with the Jbird Vista. So I removed the Vista from the sensor, reset the headphones and the watch and paired again.

    This time this didn't solve the issue: I still had continuos disconnections.

    I removed from sensors, reset earbuds and watch other two times, and now everything is working fine. I would suggest to try  two-three times to reset, unpair and pair again both earbuds and watches. till everything is fine.

    Really not sure what is the cause of the issue, but it seems that resetting and pairing multiple times solve the issue completely.