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Jaybird Vista working with 945?

Anyone have this working with 945? Do button controls work? Specifically can I change volume from earbuds (Doing from watch is hazardous while running)?

  • Just bought them. The volume control does work. However, my right bud is super quiet and I will be returning them. Also even with the smallest eargels the seal is too tight for me for running ... For some these could be a good choice if you do not get a defective pair and don't mind a tight seal when running.

  • interesting cheers, do the tap gestures work with the 945?

  • Yes,

    Single Tap = Play (either bud)

    Double Tap = Skip Track (either bud)

    Long Press = Volume Up (right Bud) or Down (Left bud)

  • My vista's are fully functional when paired with my 945.  However, about 15 minutes into my run, the right bud starts "clipping".  It's hard the explain, but it doesn't completely cutout, just like an instantaneous "clip".  Once it starts, it's consistent and rhythmic with my arm swings.  Watch is on my left wrist so I'm guessing the connection weakens during the back swing of my arm.  I try to replicate it by blocking the watch with my body (behind my back) but I can't get it to skip by doing that.  The connection does re-solidify after my run during the cool down walk.  No issues with the connection otherwise (casual use during not-activity).

  • Did you every find a solution to the clipping? I have the same problem, only starts line 15 minutes in.

  • No, never got it fixed.  I actually reached out to Jaybird and they sent another pair.  The clipping issue went away but there were other connection issues (more intermittent than constant).  I ended up going with a pair of JBL's and have had better luck with the Bluetooth connection.  Not perfect, but better.  I haven't tried the Jaybirds since the recent Bluetooth software updates, so I can't say if that's helped.

  • I’m having a lot of issues connecting my vistas. I initially had a 945 and my vistas would either not connect, the volume would be full blast when they finally connected or they would disconnect 10-15 mins into my run. I did a warranty exchange for my vistas thinking they were the issue turns out they are not the problem. I’m having the same problems. I even tried upgrading to a fenix 6 thinking that would solve the problem. It didn’t. I love my Jaybird vistas and my garmin watch...not sure what to do at this point.

  • It was working just fine for me. Until 5.30, and now it keeps disconnecting during my runs :/

  • exactly same. Starts for a few minutes and then just stops then says 'disconnected'. Usually pressing play on the watch causes the headphones to say 'connected' but nothing plays and if you then press play on the headphone you just get static which I believe indicates it isn't actually connected. I am using spotify to play which uninstalling and reinstalling and resyncing temporarily fixed it but obviously can not do this every time (and is annoying when it starts doing it a few minutes in to a run!)