GPS Chipset Beta 2.42 improvements?

Do you see significant improvements in GPS+Galileo?

We do our on duty runs on the fire station in the forest near Frankfurt Airport. It’s a tough environment for GPS watches. Because of the radar and the trees. The Fenix 5 always didn’t look not good until Galileo got enabled for it. With GPS+Galileo it produced consistent and awesome tracks. 

When i ggot the FR945, I enabled Galileo only to see rubbish tracks, GPS+Glonass was fine. After the first run with Galileo i switched to Glonass and got tracks like this:

When I read about the GPS firmware beta, I got excited and installed it Thursday night. I took the FR to the station with me yesterday and tracked yesterday’s run with Galileo. I don’t see improvements:

Was someone able to test open water swimming?

Today I’m gonna try it in open fields and am looking on Galileo performance on Edge 830