Forerunner 945 LTE dies during activities and resets after latest update

I bought a Forerunner 945 LTE from and received it on Jan 11. I took it out for a walk that day and it worked seamlessly.

At some point between Jan 11 evening and Jan 12 mid day, the watch installed at least one software update. I had seen the message like “sending update to watch” in the app, but I did not start the update, so I can only assume it started by itself.

Since then, my activities crash, often at the 1:04-1:05 mark, with the watch restarting.

See this series of activities. I was swimming in open water between two poles roughly 100m apart.

I read somewhere that it might be a wiring issue, so I started a walk session on the couch. Same result. In particular, same 1:04 duration before the crash.

Between the timeline of the update and the fact that the crash happens at the same duration, I’d say this is a software, not hardware issue. Fingers crossed, I guess. Otherwise, the watch is unusable as a training device, and I'd have to send it back.

I’m based in Australia and experienced the issue on LTE. I saw another post of someone saying they were in Australia when the watch started playing up.

For what is worth, I hereby give Garmin support staff approval to access my data in order to diagnose this issue.