v17.28 Weird Run Data

I did my first run with 17.28 this morning and other than the firmware update nothing else unique about my run.  It included:

  • HRM Pro+ HRM (as I usually use).  Last I used it battery said "good" in Connect but perhaps this was wrong (See below).
  • Custom Workout - 5 miles warmup, 3x (3 miles effort, 1 mile recover), Cooldown

When saving the run I noted a prompt to download HRM data, which seemed odd.  I had already taken off my HRM strap and was about to shower so I decided to find it, put it on and search for data - I'm not sure if it actually found any or not, but eventually saved and also told me my HRM battery was low (so it must have connected).

Reviewing the data afterwards it looks like the HRM was possibly connected for the first 35 minutes or so (although HR data looks missing, I am inferring this from run metrics like cadence, GCT, power, etc).  Everything just went sort of nuts at that time:

If my assumption is correct, I still ask myself:

  1. Why is wrist based data so noisy and different than the HRM?  I expect some difference but these seems excessive.
  2. Why is HR data up to this point basically missing? (maybe this is due to something with downloading a bunch of garbage afterwards?)
  3. With my watch on my wrist, why is HR data after the HRM disconnected not from the optical sensor (again, maybe it downloaded something after that wiped it out?)

Separate from the various data plots, what's up with the Stamina field?  My pace changed slightly over the long run (I was still running the whole time though), yet Stamina flat-lined at 51% for the last 1/3 of the run (an hour).  I don't think the HRMweird-ness would have done this?

Previous workout (3 days ago) with the same HRM (not,  battery indication).  Assuming it was a dead battery it's kind of a bummer that the indication was a bit useless here.

I'm not explicitly blaming the firmware for any issues, but merely noting it was a new variable here and I saw some issues.  Perhaps the issues were caused by the HRM - either due to battery being low or another failure, yet the battery warning (and data prior to battery 'dying'?) were still strange.  I aim to run again (shorter this time) today and will see if I note any problems - my HRM battery has been replaced since the issue.