v17.28 Can't Add Certain Weather Locations

I love the additional weather locations feature and use it all the time on my epix Pro.  I was glad to see the feature added to the 945L.

My current location is central Indiana and I have a standard list of locations that I use with the epix:

  1. Elkhart, IN
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Clark, WY
  4. Denver, CO

I set off to add this locations to the 945L Weather widget.  I found that I was only able to add Elkhart by just searching on the city name.  The other 3 locations could not be found.  I use my Android phone to type in the locations instead of the watch keyboard just because it's much quicker.  Here's what I'm seeing:

I'll use Denver as an example. 

I type in "Denver" as the new location.  The watch will search and find cities with Denver in their name, finding the closest cities first (e.g. Denver, IN) and continue to search outward from Indiana giving me a list of Denvers throughout the midwest.  However, the search will timeout before finding Denver, CO.  I then try "Denver, CO".  Watch comes back with "No Results Found".  I try "Denver, Colorado".  Again "No Results Found.  Same results for Clark, WY. 

I did successfully add Washington, DC once I typed in "Washington, DC".  I had no issue adding any of these cities by just typing the name of the city on the epix.  

Just a bit frustrating.