On Device Structured Workout Issues (Editing, Following Old Data)

I think I've stumbled into a few bugs prior to starting on-device Intervals / Structured workouts, but honestly the experience was so confusing at times I'm not sure how to best describe it Slight smile

My goal:

Run 6x0.5 mile intervals with 0.25 mile recovery including warm up and cool down.

Initial Conditions: Prior On device workout was 2x 9:00 with 4:00 recovery

Issue 1 - Editing the On device workout seemed to jump out of edit mode resetting any changes.

This was weird, but while I was editing my intervals (from time based to distance, from 9 minutes to 0.50... then recovery from time to distance and then repeats) the watch seemed to jump out of the editing screens resetting my partially edited changes.  I suspect it was possibly due to an ANT+ sensor connecting or GPS getting a lock in the background, but maybe it was something else altogether (note, I went into this editing mode after selecting my Activity then used the menu to select Training, Structured Workout, etc...)

This is the second week in a row when I've had issues setting up a rough on-device structured interval workout.  Last week I tried to edit the 2x9:00 to something else (and thought I did it) but it ended up following a partially edited or un-edited workout.  I suspect I experienced this same issue at that time as well and just didn't realize which pieces were getting reverted or not saved properly.  I still don't know what I'm doing wrong here or in the background is causing the behavior but will see if I continue to see weirdness here.

Issue 2 - Editing a workout after it has been selected for "Do Workout" shows all changes, but the activity follows the original workout.

Somehow in the above flow I ended up selecting "Do Workout" instead of Edit (with the original 2x9:00 efforts still shown).  I suspect it was due to me hitting the "Start/Enter" button on that screen when a Sensor Connection message popped up.  In my mind I assumed the enter button would help me clear the Sensor Connection pop-up and let me get to Edit, but instead it triggered "Do Workout" (more UI confusion here..)

Anyway, I realized it may have selected "Do Workout" and was unedited (due to being exited without changes in the issue 1 process) so I went back into the Training Menu and noted I had two options - I think "Edit" and "Cancel" training?

I chose Edit and proceeded to setup my intervals as desired - note this was after having done "Do Workout" with the wrong workout planned.

My edits went through as best I could tell, then I backed out and started my run thinking all was cool.  At roughly the end of the first 0.5 miles I looked down to see how much was left and noticed it was actually timing a 9 minute interval and not a distance target - it seems my editing of the workout had no effect and the original plan in place when selecting "Do Workout" was being followed.

After my run is done if I review my on device Training, Intervals, Structured Repeats I see the 'new' workout I created, so the edits were saved, just not followed for the run I did.

I haven't used these features too much recently but am certain I have fairly regularly over the last ~5-7 years with FR 935 and up without seeing notable problems in these areas until these recent attempts.

  • I know this feature exists, but haven't used it.  I typically pre-plan interval workouts and throw the workout on the calendar.  I'll need to try this technique...

  • I've wanted to pre-plan and drop longer and more complicated workouts on my calendar, but in my case I may not know if I have time Saturday or Sunday for a workout based on family schedule.  If I drop it on Saturday but don't get to it - is it easy and obvious to get it back?  I know it likely at least sync'd the workout to my list, but I suppose I won't be prompted as I would if it were day-of on the schedule?

    I used to really like the ease of setting up simple intervals on the watch (at least around the FR935 and on I recall using it).  Sometimes the effort to set it up on Connect online or in the App is slightly too much effort for me - online I was always fighting dropping the steps in the right order and the app + syncing took too much time if I was just deciding what to do roughly as I was putting my shoes on.

    Getting back to using it on the 945LTE has been a little frustrating.  Honestly several areas of the UI are confusing - the top "notification" (or whatever it would be called) isn't ever really clear if it requires a button to get it to go away or not.  I find myself unsure if pressing "start" will clear the notification or enable whatever screen is partially hidden behind it.

    Another case when this happens: Starting an Indoor Ride with a Power Meter.  I'm often being prompted for a Garmin Suggested workout, yet I am aiming to do something else.  In the middle of this, my sensors are pairing and prompting for calibration.  The chaos of sensors pairing while trying to dismiss the workout and/or perform calibration always sends me into "I'm not totally sure what buttons to press here to do what I want".

  • If I drop it on Saturday but don't get to it - is it easy and obvious to get it back?

    For full disclosure, I use my Epix as my workout device and the 945 LTE as my "let the wife know where I am" device.  So my workout planning is from the perspective of the Epix.  With that said, I have dropped workouts on the calendar and they will still be assessable from the watch at least a day after the planned workout day.  I assume the 945L works the same way.

  • they will still be assessable from the watch at least a day after the planned workout day

    Understood, I think...  I assume you mean the workout is still on the device and you can go find it in the list of workouts to do?  (<-- It does this)  Compared to if you have it on and scheduled for today on the calendar, the watch nicely prompts you explicitly for if you want to do the planned workout or not when opening the Run activity.

    I sort of wish for an in between - basically ability to schedule a workout over the weekend (or something like that)... I like the auto-prompt (vs trying to find it in a possible list of 10-20+ workouts that I poorly name).  I guess I could schedule for Saturday and Sunday both (and only do one) but if I do it Saturday and want a recovery Sunday I wish it would know and provide a usual recovery or base for that day.

    Oh well, maybe I'll just try to be better about opening up the app just prior to my workout (or night before) and specifically schedule it.  Usually I know that far in advance at least (vs a handful of days or week out).

  • I assume you mean the workout is still on the device and you can go find it in the list of workouts to do?  (<-- It does this

    Yes, this.