Stryd data is not shown in new activities


I've been using Styrd for over a year now and I would never want to live without it.

Since approx. 1,5 weeks the Stryd data is not shown anymore in the activities on GC web. 

  • I verified that before starting the activity, the Stryd is connected and the data field is showing "Ready"
  •  the data is probably there, as the synced activities show the Stryd running power correctly on TrainingPeaks
  • the gear section shows the shoes, the HRM-TRI and the Stryd Zones data field correctly

but the CIQ fields are simply not shown in the activities.

Does someone experience this? SW 16.18

  • FYI,  I don't have your problem. I'm using HRM-Pro and not TRI, with Stryd (and  Stryd zones CIQ data) and the SW 6.18
    You can check easily if you have the data in the FIT with some online tools (ex
    Reboot of the watch can always help

  • Thanks Gilles.

    Good to know, then it's not some serverside change in the settings of GC. 

    I restarted the watch now, already restarted the Stryd a week ago, will see tomorrow if the activity shows the CIQ fields.

    Other than that, there is no change since my initial question, no CIQ fields shown, but everything seems to be configured correctly, the CIQ App also shows the data fields, settings are OK, no idea what else it can be.

  • I tried to reset / reboot everything, no change. Then after 5 weeks of missing data, I went to New York for the marathon and *on the day of the marathon* it started to work again. I didn't change anything prior to that. Fantastic. Some days later I had another run still in NY, and the CIQ fields were there. I came back to Europe and it's not working again. D: 

    Bought a new chest strap and a Stryd Next Gen, maybe pairing them will fix things. Or maybe not. D:

    I'll also try the new Stryd native power stuff.