8 part tri watch setting

I have an eight part triathlon coming up and I’m trying to figure out how to set my watch up for the race. As far as I can see, I can only add up to five activities under the triathlon setting. Any tips on how to make it work without stopping the watch?

forerunner 945 lte

  • Is there a repeating pattern to your 8 parts?  I haven't tried it, but see a "Repeat" on/off toggle in the settings for Triathlon.  I think (assume) that if you turn on Repeat in the default settings then it will go from Run -> Transition -> Swim...

  • I’ll check it out!
    The race is: bike run swim run swim run swim run

  • I suspect it may not work right unless you tap Lap to skip through the bike and associated transition each repeat (assuming you're recording them) each repeat...

    I guess another idea, which kind of stinks, is to manually change sport by pressing and holding the menu button each time. then scrolling around to what you need (Change Sport, pick a sport)... During a race this seems a bit non-ideal and time consuming - and would miss transition recordings, if you cared.