[14.52] BUG: watch stops tracking after accident alarm due to vibrations during cycling

During cycling activity there were some vibrations that caused my FR 945 LTE to falsely detect an accident. I stopped the alarm acc. to the watch's display and continued my ride.

Only 15 min later I happened to realize that my watch was not tracking any more - the complete cycling activity was stopped!!!

Now I had a 15 min gap without any recording! After 15 min I started another cycle activity.

This is yet another bad bug!!!

When I tell the watch that the alarm was a false positive, and I end the alarm, then the activity is supposed to continue and not to end with it!

Please fix this bug!

  • I'm not sure I can confirm this one. I fell while running (and looking which way to go, and speeding up etc) a bit stupid, ad the watch started an alarm. I stopped it, and went on running. With me it recorded everything. I checked the file, this was with 15.19 (28th of may, so probably the beta).

    I'm not quite sure which button to press to cancel. I remember I tried to desperately cancel it not to worry my wife. Is it not possible a wrong button was pressed somewhere.

  • In my case if I remember correctly it said I should long-press any button to end the alarm, which I did by long-pressing the start button that the top right. Then somehow the alarm was still not stoppend and I got another screen instructing me to end the alarm somehow, which I did as well (here I do not remember which button I pressed for this).

    Maybe it is noteworthy to note that I had a cycle activity with navigation along a pre-planned course. Maybe it is the combination "activity + navigation + accident alarm" which is "too much" for the watch...(?)

    Also noteworthy that my watch activated BT during the alarm, but was not able to connect since my phone's BT was off, and I have no LTE data plan in my watch.

    Did I accidentaly press the wrong button and thereby stopped the activity myself? Hard to tell, I think not, I think acc. to the watch's display I only did stop the alarm.

    --> Now I tried to reproduce this, but no matter how much I shake my left hand, I cannot provoke the watch to trigger an accident alarm again. Is there any trick?

  • no idea. there is a video on youtube (Shane Bow) where someone just pretend falls in the grass running, keeping his arm still for a while and then it triggers.