[14.52] Catastrophic German translation bug in Garmin Coach causing wrong training!

The bug is about wrong German translation of the word "walk" in Garmin Coach, it is translated to "Laufen" in certain contexts, which means "run", and this yields a terribly wrong training! So it is critically important that this translation bug be fixed as soon as possible!

Concretely, I am using the "Coach Jeff" for Half-Marathon training. I am German and all my watch and Garmin Connect are set to German language, but nevertheless the training commands on my Forerunner 945 LTE (latest SW 14.52) are sometimes displayed in English and sometimes in German (no idea why, this is probably another bug, but no problem for me, since both German and English are equally fine for me).

Now, during the training, for example during the cadence drill we have 30 sec running intervals followed by 30 seconds recovery intervals, and the English text for the latter reads on the watch: "Walk for recovery"!

However, in German this same command reads "Laufen Sie, um sich zu erholen"! This is catastrophically wrong, as it means "Run for recovery"!!!!!!!!!

The correct German command should show "Gehen Sie, um sich zu erholen"!

Please fix this critically wrong translation bug immediately, as it causes wrong training!!!!!

If I had not had the luck of getting the English language commands displayed in my first training sessions, I wouldn't have known that I am supposed to "walk" - not "run" - during the recovery periods, and I would have performed a wrong training! I would have "run" instead of "walked" during the recovery phases, which would have been utterly wrong!

PS: Note that the word "walk" is not translated wrongly at all instances, but only sometimes! For example, for the 5-minute warm-up or cool-down phases the watch correctly gives me the command to "walk of jog lightly", both in English and German. So here, the word "walk" is correctly translated with "gehen" and not "laufen".