v15.19 PacePro Issues

I ran with a PacePro plan on my last run and found a couple issues.

Test configuration:

  • Created a PacePro Plan from a course in GC
  • PacePro splits were set to 1 mile.
  • Native Run activity executing the PacePro plan and navigating the course.
  • Viewed the PacePro data screen during the run.
  • 1 second Data Recording period.
  • Connected Devices:
    1. Tempe
    2. Bose Sport earbuds (Amazon Music)
  • Also wore a Marq 2 Athlete executing the same PacePro Plan/Course


  1. At each New Pace announcement (each mile), the watch did not vibrate.  I could hear the audio announcement in the earbuds and see the information on the watch face, but no buzz.  The fenix/Epix/Marq lines do provide both haptic and audio feedback for PacePro laps.
  2. The Split Progress Bar is backwards from the owner's manual graphic & fenix/Epix/Marq watches.  

Screenshot from 945 LTE Owner's manual:

Screenshots from 945 LTE:

Screenshots from Marq 2 at same points in the Run: