BUG (SW 14.52): No turn signals / turn indications when navigating a course in opposite direction / backwards direction!

When I have an activity like cycling and activate navigation along a course in backwards direction, the FR 945 LTE does not give any turn signals!

All it does is showing the course on the map and indicating the distance until the finish (like 30 km or so ...).

Unfortunately I cannot submit this bug in "https://forums.garmin.com/beta-program/forerunner-945-lte/public-beta-bug-reports/i/public-beta-14-xx" because that sub-forum is already closed.

I hope Garmin is reading this here.

P..S.: I hope Garmin does not say this is "intended design"! Because in this case I would have to duplicate every planned course in my planning app and upload it to my Garmin device, which would be absurd! And not what you would expect from an (allegedly? formerly?) leading navigation solution company.

P.P.S.: If the problem is that the SW cannot parse a gpx file backwards, then a SW solution must be implemented to make this possible! One simple solution could be to prepare a new local tmp gpx file by creating a temp gpx file in cache or so from the original gpx file, and then navigate along that temp file as usual. I this way, the navigation function itself does not need to be modified. This is just one implementation idea.

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