BUG: Moving/scrolling the map often does not work, or not smooth, or in too tiny increments, or map freezes - seemingly arbitrary behaviour (Forerunner 945 LTE, SW 5.07)

BUG Report:
Garmin Product: Forerunner 945 LTE
SW Version: 5.07 (=latest version)

Date: 2022-07-01

Title: Moving/scrolling the map often does not work, or not smooth, or in too tiny increments, or map freezes - seemingly arbitrary behaviour

Expected behaviour:
Like demonstrated in various youtube videos, moving the map should be possible without problems: Pressing up/down/left/right arrow buttons once should immediately(!) move the map by a reasonable amount (like ca. 20% to 25% of the screen width/height, certainly never less then 5%). Scroll-movements as low as zero or one pixel per button-press are way too little and should never happen, and keeping the scroll-button pressed down should move the map smoothly, always showing the map at the new position in between while keeping the button pressed, so that I as a user know when the target position is reached and I can release the scroll button. I.e. I expect it to be as seen in various Youtube videos.
This should also work for the lower left button, which otherwise is associated with the "Music" hotkey function. I.e. in map scrolling mode, the "Music" menu should NOT appear when long-pressing the lower-left scroll-button.

Observed behaviour:
When scrolling by pressing the scroll-buttons incrementally ("short-presses"), the map either does not move at all, or it only moves by one pixel per each button press, which is way too little to be of any practical use!
So when I then keep the scroll button pressed for a while, different things may happen: In most cases the map screen turns blank until I release the button again. The amount that the map scrolls while the button is held down is hence invisible and only known afterwards when I release the button. Typically, I then have to scroll back again. Sometimes the map scrolls zero but more often it scrolls by a larger amount. After that, when now using the scroll buttons incrementally ("short-presses"), the scrolling increment is more reasonable like it should be from the start (namely between 5% and 25% of the screen size). This scroll increment that I get this way is bigger when I had kept the scroll button pressed for a longer time, which makes things even harder to handle as this is not well controllable. Anyway - now when I use the top-right start button to switch to Zoom or to the other scrolling direction, the watch switches back to the zero- or one-pixel scrolling increments and the whole procedure starts over again.

Sometimes (occurring sporadically), the "long-press" on the scroll buttons has an even more negative effect (appearing apparently independently from the zoom level):
- For the middle scroll button (i.e. scroll up or left), sometimes a long-press causes the watch to quit the zoom/scroll mode altogether for no reason and switches back to passive map display without the arrow or +/- symbols.
- For the bottom scroll button (i.e. scroll down or right), sometimes a long-press causes the Music menu to appear (like in attached video at the end)! After leaving this undesired menu via "back" button, it is no more possible to zoom or to scroll the map - the map is either frozen/corrupted or blank. So then I have to leave that Zoom/Scroll mode altogether and re-enter it, but then the map position returns to the point where it had been before I had started scrolling. So if this happens half-way during an attempt to scroll towards a certain location on the map, I have to start over from the beginning. This happened to me very often.

Steps to reproduce:
For the normal scroll behaviour (too tiny 1-pixel steps, and "blank-screen-scrolling" while holding button down) just go to map view and try it out (e.g. via the "Map" activity, or another activity for which a map view is configured).

The "sporadically occurring" erroneous effects of the scroll-button-long-press are not reproducible so easily for me. Sometimes it happens frequently, and then again not for some while.

Note: If surprised what these "red lines" on the map are: They should not be there - this is another bug - see forums.garmin.com/.../1448085