Pool Swim - Randomly does not record distance


How do I log a support ticket with Garmin? I am based in the UAE but bought my Forerunner 945 LTE through Amazon US since the LTE watch is not available here, so I cannot get local support.

My watch is randomly deciding not to record distance on the Pool Swims. Then I have to restart the watch, after which it will usually record distance when I start a new session. A few times I've had to restart the watch twice before it would record distance. This is really irritating because it happens randomly, so sometimes I'm already 200m or 300m into my warmup before I realize the watch is not recording distance.

I'm aware of kicking hard off the walls, I don't have an issue with this because when it is recording distance, my laps are always accurate.

  • Yeah it's been a known issue for a year now. Not much we can do but hope they fix it one day.

  • If it is a known problem. I opened a post here myself.

    Reading the changelog of the latest version, it seems that they have NOT corrected it... it makes me want to go to Wahoo or Coros... because it's a joke...

  • For what it's worth...

    I saw this issue once on 4.16.  It was my first swim after my watch updated back in... November?  I powered down the watch and back up and it never repeated.  I generally never power cycle the watch and did not make a habit of doing so after the issue.

    I swim pretty consistently 1-2x per week for about an hour and did not see it again.

    I updated to the 5.07 beta nearly as soon as it was posted here.  I swam the next day without issue, but now, 6 days later I went for my swim and noticed distance was not being recorded after my warmup.

    I stopped the workout and power cycled the watch while working into a short kick set.  I was able to restart my workout after kicking and distance recorded fine.

    Agree it is unacceptable for a Triathlon watch at this price point (and supposed technological "maturity") to display such unreliable behavior.

  • I've posted this on other related threads, but just in case it helps ...

    I ran into a similar issue in a previous version:  If you stop your swim activity while on the drill screen, the next swim activity will record no distance.  As long as you switch to another page (e.g., the rest screen) before you end your workout, you'll be ok.  If you forget, a restart will resolve.

    I haven't tested to see if this behavior still occurs with current firmware.  It's easier to just avoid it all together.

    I hope this turns out to be your issue, as it's an easy workaround.

    I haven't had any other swim issues besides this one.  Knock wood.

  • Thanks for the note - I agree that it is good to report "easy to reproduce" issues / root causes in case it helps some.

    In my specific case I doubt I was on the Drill screen as I probably only use the Drill screen every-other-swim or so, and nearly always it is early in a workout (warmup, drill if applicable, main swim set, save and exit).

    The other workaround posted in the fenix 7 thread (power off and on the watch before swimming), isn't particularly difficult either but clearly should not be required.

  • This is happening with my Instinct 2 Solar…

    it is a shame for a such watch…

  • In the past 2 months I didn't notice the problem, maybe they fixed.

  • I also have not noted the problem in a long time (and probably 2 software updates).

    I think I’ve only seen it twice in my usage of the 945LTE (with a consistent 1-2 swims a week), but still a good sign.

  • Yesterday it happend again. I thought using the drill screen activated the problem but yesterday I did not use the drill screen.

    Not using the drill screen did help last couple of months but even that sucks. When my 945 works, it just works fine. So I figure no hardware issue.