Random countdown to Power Save for no apparent reason

Every now and then, even when the battery is full, my Forerunner 945 LTE will buzz on my wrist and I'll look to see why and it's saying "Power Save" and there's a countdown ring slowly counting down to a moment when, presumably, something is going to happen related to something called Power Save that I don't even know what it is. I think it's fair to assume it has something to do with saving battery power but when this happens while batter is above 95% it's truly strange. Would love to know what's going on here. 

    • Garmin support walked me through setting my run activity profile to the extended (25 minutes) setting and did a special soft reboot that does not reset your settings back to original settings (since I wanted to try that first) and it’s helped for the most part. The problem has since only happened 1x since speaking with Garmin approximately 5 days ago. They thought it was an activity running in the background. 
  • I also get this maybe once or twice a week with my 255s.

    Pretty sure I don't press the button accidentally.

    I once set the watch to locked mode and didn't experience the issue for a while.... But it's annoying to unlock every time and the lock overlays over the watch face when just trying to turn on the backlight

  • Garmin’s customer support helped me. Try them and use my above notes. I’ve only had an issue 2x in last 30 days which is much better than multiple times a day or week.