Impossible to start a planned XC Ski workout

I don't know if this is an issue with Garmin Connect (both app and web) or a problem with my new Forerunner 945 LTE. Previously (a couple of days ago with a FR745), if I planned a workout in Connect using the "Custom" option and started the training on the watch, I could select the XC Ski activity profile for the workout. Now the watch only lets me choose between Navigate, Tracker, Map and Other. Where are the other activity profiles? Is this a bug? I can no longer plan complex workouts for my rollerski sessions. This is pretty sad, considering the price of the watch.

  • Hi. I also purchased the Forerunner 945 LTE. I just tried to plan a workout for my next xc ski activity and I encountered the exact same issue you described.

  • I'm considering buying a 945 LTE. Is this still an issue?

  • Hi. I would say it is not an issue anymore.

    Based on the description of the original post from two years ago, it seems things have changed. I tried launching a XC ski workout today just for you. I attached a few pictures for you to follow along my narration.

    In the Garmin Connect App, you can only create workouts for a limited number of activities. These workouts can be launched from their associated activity. For other activities not listed in the App, there is an option to create a "Custom" workout (see first picture). I created one called "XC ski HIIT".

    If, for example, you try launching a workout from the "XC Skate Ski" activities, the custom workout will not appear in the list of available workouts. Instead, the watch will prompt you to create a workout in the Garmin app (see first half of second picture).

    The custom workouts can be launched from the "Workouts" activity. When doing so, it will ask you to choose a "profile", which lists all activities. From there you can assign your workout to "XC Skate Ski" (see second half of the second picture.  

    I was able to launch the activity, go through each steps, and then save it. It was saved as a "XC Skate Ski" activity as intended (see third picture). 

    I don't quite understand why all activities are not available from the list of workout activities in the App. Hopefully, Garmin can make it more user-friendly in the future.

    I hope this was helpful.

  • Hi Mustapha, many many thanks for telling me this and giving such a thorough answer. I appreciate this a lot. And today I ordered the 945 LTE (bundle). Looking forward to it!