Processor speed (compared to 945)

Is tthere anyone who upgraded from the regular 945 and who can comment on operating/cpu speed? From what I understand internals have changed and I am mainly wondering if there is a noticable difference (increase) when using maps. All in all I don't really think an upgrade is warranted but who knows if it's noticably faster...

  • Hi Flipstone, I had the 945 for a couple of weeks and have had the 945lte for just under a week.  The map pops up faster, and the scrolling is a little faster.  It is noticable, but let's say 30% faster, I'd guess.  When the map opens it's instant.  The fonts are smaller, more precise compared to the 945, and there is more info in the weather widget, or intensity minutes..  I'd say it's a little more refined in the software, but nothing that is a really must have.  It is faster, but is it worth selling your 945 for....meh...

  • Haha, thanks! Sounds like that 'just in between worth it and not worth it"  

    Why did you upgrade? I guess overall it's not really needed, ~30%-ish faster is indeed nice, but not worth another 500 euros or so. I'll just keep on using the 945 for now (until I really can't control myself anymore ; ))

  • Thanks, did see it... menus and all seem a bit smoother but could also be animation. Was mainly wondering about maps and he doesn't really address/show that unfortunately (unless I overlooked)

  • I would say visibly faster, both for scrolling / loading courses. Also, saving longer activities is done almost instantly - you don't have to wait a few seconds like you would when using the regular 945. 

  • I bought the 245 went it came out, and it was good, but i was missing a barometer (for counting stairs), sold it and bought a COROS Apex pro for Xmas.  The watch hardware was great.  The watch was light, sapphire glass, great velcro strap, great watch faces, everything worked, battery lasted 12-14 days, exercising 6-8 hours a week, but the vo2 guestimate was off compared to Garmin, the HR seemed off compared to garmin too, but what really got me was that I was Coros' load calculations.  Prior to the 245, I had the 935, and Garmin's Training status works for me, and race predictor was accurate, but the Coros load factor was really off.  I was training for a spring Marathon, running 5 days a week, and taking HIIT classes 5 days a week, and Coros kept telling me I was undertraining (this went on during a 4 month periodization, coming from only running 2-3 days a week, and building up.  That was the last straw.)  After the Marathon, I broke my toe, and was out of service for 3 weeks, so I sold my coros, and bought the 945, 2 weeks later the 945lte was announced, so I returned the 945, and here I am.  

  • I also had a 745, right after the release date. But it lacked updates and I sold it. Now after 8 months the big updates came out. I was thinking about buying a 745 again. At times I had also thought of the Suunto 9 Peak. But the price difference (745 = 420Euro; Suunto 570Euro; 945lte=640Euro) are fair and ok. But I will probably buy the mature 945lte. Otherwise, I would probably have switched to the Venu 2, but the open water swimming I miss. I like maps, NFC, music, WiFi, everything that works perfectly on the 945lte. Even though the price is expensive and there are way too many features, I treat myself to it. But I must also say that it must last 3 years. Meanwhile, the watches are more than good.

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  • Thanks, that does sound good...

    Guess I'll just have to check it out once it's finally actually available here in the Netherlands. I really like the maps but operation isn't too smooth on the regular 945, if the LTE provides a significant improvement in that area it's worth considering for me.

    Once it's available here I'll see if I can try it out! 

  • :-) - let me put it like this - if you're a techie, you'll definitely notice the difference between an Intel I5 8series and an Intel I5 11 series cpu - and it's the same with these 2 Garmins; also i think Lte should be working in NL so having livetrack and spectator messaging without a phone is really nice.