Edit Question in Widget Loop is Annoying

Just a gripe: 

I don’t like that when you use the down button to exit the widget loop (back to the watch face) you get asked if you want to edit the widget loop. I Like to set up the widget loop so my two favorite widgets are one click away (one up, one down). For the 945 LTE, I have to deal with that edit question after looking at a widget. It’s just one extra button click but it’s annoying. 

  • Totally agree here - is this the first watch that had this in the UI?  I come from the 935 where glances did not exist and I usually used "Up" to get to my most commonly used widgets.  I setup the 945 LTE the same, but have the same issue as you now (with edit being kind of in the way to get back).

    If I use "down" I notice the handy battery shown on the top, but because of my bad "up" habit I rarely get to see that...

  • You can just hit the Back/Lap button to exit the widget loop at any time. No need to scroll through every option just to get back to the watch face.

  • That’s true. But, for all intents and purposes the watch face is part of the widget loop. It’s just the widget that tells you the time. Except now there is an obtrusive question about editing the widget loop in the widget loop itself. To me this violates Garmin’s basic design principles that typically place editing options behind a long press of the menu button (up button).

    PS. I would love to turn off widget glances and go back to full widgets. Unfortunately, that is not an option on the 945 LTE. 

  • i haven't gotten my 945LTE yet, but i agree with you. on my 935, i place my most commonly used widgets at the top and bottom of the stack so that i can access one with the down button and the other with the up button. it would be nice if the edit option would work as it does on the 935: under settings. i'd suggest sending something to Garmin as feedback and they may reconsider this design choice.

    i'm sure i can get used to using the back button if needed, but it's going to take while to change 4+ years of muscle memory.

    but thanks for the heads up!