Alarm sorting

On my 935 the times in the Alarm Clock menu were sorted by time (earliest listed first).  I believe my wife said her fenix 6s is the same.

On the 945LTE the order seems to not be by the alarm time / value but possibly instead by the order when the alarms were created?  I’m not even sure that’s it, but definitely not in time order.

Anyone with history on other Garmin watches know if this is unique here and likely a bug?  May send it in to Support officially but was curious what anyone else had to say here.

  • Another aspect of this behavior:  The status in the center of the Controls page just shows the status of the top alarm.  So, if you have two alarms, and the top one is for 8am and is off and the second one is for 7am and is on, the center of the controls page  simply says "8am off".  This is super misleading.

  • For what it’s worth, I think the sorting seems fixed on 3.07.  At least adding a new alarm earlier than existing adds it to the top of my list.

    The controls widget still seems to note the earliest alarm and it’s on/off status though (vs of an alarm in the middle of your list is the only one on)

  • Interesting.  I just got the 3.07 update, and my alarms are not sorted.  :-(

  • I think I misspoke, the issue is still there.  I recalled (probably incorrectly) that when creating alarms they were added to the bottom of the list (and not sorted), so when I added a new alarm earlier than all of my others and saw it at the top I assumed it was fixed.

    I now see that all new alarms are added to the top of my list regardless of if they are earlier, later, or in the middle of the existing times.

    The remainder of my list is sorted, but only because I knew of this issue when setting up my replacement watch and created my common alarms in order.

  • Hey all, the way the watch should be functioning is it should be in order of when the alarm was created as opposed to in the past where it was sorted in numerical order for what time of day the alarm was created. I have escalated this thread to emphasize your feedback; to provide more feedback if you go to Submitting an Idea to Garmin you can leave direct comments, but this thread is on our radar and being tracked. 

  • My suggestion would be (and I put it here because the link you gave is frankly a black hole): Alarms should maintain numerical order, with the next alarm from the current time showing first.  I believe this was the behavior on the 935.  Also, in the middle of the controls screen, it should say one of three things: "Alarms off" if no alarms are active, "9:15AM ON" (for example) if exactly one alarm is active, or "multiple on" if more than one alarm is active.

    Anyway, that would be my vote for correct behavior.  Thank you for monitoring the thread.

  • Hi ,

    I will try to submit the request in your link, but I wonder if this is a new behavior from past products.  Frankly sorting by created order just makes no sense to me as a user.  I have to agree with 's previous reply in how a user would expect it to work (and likely how I recall it working on my 935 as well).

  • Bumping this thread in hopes it is still being considered for rework on a future update.  I'm curious how other (Fenix 7, Epix 2) variants behave in this manner as sorting an alarm by when it is created feels more like an "oops" or "it's easier to implement" design decision than an intentional user experience based requirement / decision.

    I can't think of any reason why I would rather have alarms sorted in Created order than Chronologically as using them implies I have a known order of creation in my head when I scroll through them.