Combining training load between two Garmin watches?

I just got a Garmin Forerunner 945LTE.  My other watch is a Fenix 6 Pro Solar.  For some reason my Forerunner is not taking into account all my prior history from my previous watch.  The new watch does not continue the 7 day load from the previous Garmin.  It's like it is starting from scratch.  Is that normal?

  • Unfortunately that is the case. While a lot of the Firstbeat features take into account your workouts from all of your devices 7 day load isn’t one of them.

  • I thought this was true, but I’m not so sure now…. I just received my 945 LTE Tuesday and can see 7d load on it back last weekend (recorded with a 935 and Edge 530).

  • Interesting. I didn’t think to look directly on the watch but instead was thinking in terms of the way 7 day load is shown in Connect and mine shows similar to your photo. (But mine is only 909 Wink)

    When I looked at the app before replying the load showing for the F6 I was using before was at 686 and then showing 909 for the 945 LTE. Since I did a hard workout run on Tuesday I figured that was the reason why it would be showing so much higher since it wouldn’t have been taking all of the easy runs I’d been doing into account.

    So I’m willing to stand corrected.