945 LTE LiveTrack not sending notifications?

I've had my 945 LTE for a few days now and I decided to try out LiveTrack this morning. I went to LiveTrack section of the "Run" activity settings, flipped on "Auto Start" and chose a recipient. After that, I went back to the main activity screen and once the "LiveTrack Ready" message showed up, I started my run. I figured something was wrong when I didn't get any spectator messages during the run and sure enough, my recipient hadn't gotten an email or anything. After I got home, I added my own email as a recipient and tried a few more times but never got a notification. Nothing in the spam folder either.

Has anyone gotten this working yet? Am I missing a step here or something? I've tested out the emergency stuff and I'm able to send and receive messages so I'm pretty sure the LTE connection is working fine.