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Forerunner 745 - Software version 7.60 - LIVE

We are currently rolling out software version 7.60 for Forerunner 745.

Change Log

  • Added enhanced strength functionality, which includes an improved workout preview with a map of muscles that will be used, improved UI in free mode and workouts, and improvements to the rep and weight editing experience.
  • Improvements made to on-device sleep detection and sleep staging.
  • Improvements made to Run/Walk/Idle detection algorithm, particularly when detecting when the user has stopped.
  • Added the Resting Heartrate True-Up feature. RHR data now gets trued-up so that all devices tied to the same account will have the same RHR value.
  • Added new alert to display after this SW update to inform user that Wi-Fi networks configured to WEP security are no longer supported.
  • Added a new tip to notify the user that the Wrist Heart Rate Sensor is disabled. This tip will be displayed whenever accessing a heart rate-related glance while the wrist heart rate sensor is turned off on the device.
  • Updates for Shimano Di2 support.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Software updates can be installed via Garmin Express or via Bluetooth with the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

This update is LIVE as of May 13th, 2022.