Rapid Battery Drain after 9.03 update

After the 9.03 update - my 55 seems to lose battery at about 10% per hour!

I have turned it off and back on.  I have not added or removed any apps.  My battery life has always been great - but after the update it is very bad.  

I tried to reset to factory and turn off auto-update.  It seemed to be better for a while.  But I think it updated anyways and now it is draining the battery way too fast.  

This is not acceptable.

Is there a way to go back to the earlier software version and not allow any more updates?

  • Has this been addressed, or have you found a fix? I'm suddenly experiencing the same, after both a soft and hard reset.  

  • No answers yet.  I have found that if I turn off and restart my watch once in a while it helps.  I also found that the longer I charge it (after it displays 100% charged), the longer it seems to hold a charge.  I hope this helps you too.

  • Thank you. I'll give it a go.  Given this is my third watch that seems to tank right around the time they release a newer version, I can't say I'm surprised - but this one has tanked worse than others, which is exceptionally frustrating because the replacement (the 165) actually offers one hour LESS of battery life in GPS mode according to the specs. SIGH.

  • Same issue for me since update. The watch is also dying mid - workout even though battery % is above 50% before workout

  • same here - that's the real issue, it keeps dying mid run - and short runs at that, like 1.5 miles in.

  • My watch just recently got an update to 10.01.  It's too early to tell if there is any change to the battery drain issue.

    Just before the update, my watch had 41% battery life and it died within 1.5 hrs during a bike ride.  That never used to happen.  Hopefully 10.01 had fixed this issue.  If not - I'll start a new post for 10.01!

  • Same here, drain from 100% to 90% in less than 30 min. I am trying update to 10.01 but i do not know why my Gamin Epress did not detected new ver 10.01, alway show 9.03 after checked.

  • It's been about a week with 10.01 on my watch.  It's still not as good as it was before 9.03, but yes a little better.  However, when the battery level gets to about 40%, it still drains fast during a GPS event such that within 1 hour it tells you low battery.  So there is still something odd happening to battery drain once it gets down to around 40%.  I will keep monitoring and post back.

  • So, while the hard reset helped some, after chatting with Garmin support, removing watch faces, hard resetting, and more, I called. They did go ahead and warranty out my watch, and of course the day the new one arrived the 10.1 update came out, so I can't speak to if it was a software bug, but if it was, on the replacement I received, with 10.1, I haven't had the issue with battery drain or it cutting off mid-run yet, and I have yet to need to charge it (it's been a week, I've used it in GPS mode twice, and it's at 44% after arriving at 92%) so I'm very grateful to Garmin for making it right.

  • I've been monitoring my 10.01 update and there still seems to be something odd with battery drain once the level gets to around 40%.  Above this level all seems fine.  I can do 1 hour GPS events using only about 6-8% battery drain.  That seems to hold true until the level gets down to about 40ish %.  Then the same 1 hour GPS even uses more like 25% battery life - way more than all of the same events before that.  Before when my watch had 40% battery life - I was confident I could do more GPS events without fear.  Now I am no longer confident that at 40% I can get through another GPS even should it last 1.5 hours or so.  Still monitoring.....