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New Owner - GPS Coordinates Question



Walking in mist with my new FR55 and map. I come up to what I think is the path turn-off I want, but there are no visual aids to confirm. I would like to check map reference [OS Grid UK] to confirm location. I have previously downloaded/installed a GPS coordinate widget and an app onto FR55. [I didn't know what the difference was at the time.]

FR55 was in 'walking' activity. I could not find a way to access the widget or app to check the coordinates from the activity screen. I could have ended the activity, but wanted to keep it going. Plus if I wanted to check my position against the map a few times on the walk I would have a number of disconnected activities.

Is there any way to access a widget or another app while an activity is running.

When I got home I did some googling without success, but came across 'data fields' and found a couple that gave GPS coordinates. Perfect. I loaded one and created a custom data field for a walking activity. All seemed fine until I started the walk activity and tried to look at the custom data field. The GPS data field had changed to 'timer'. Assuming I'd done it wrong. I redid the data field and tried again. Same result - 'timer' data field, not GPS.

I tried a different GPS data field download from a different developer and got the same result. After loading the field was 'timer'.

1. Is there a way to access widgets or a different app form an active activity screen without stopping the current activity?

2. Has anyone experienced the custom downloaded data field 'changing' after being loaded and saved.

3. Is this a fault with my 2 day old FR55.

4. Is there a different solution to my problem.

Thanks in anticipation.