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Training Plans - why don't they exclude warm up/cool down data from results on the watch?

My Forerunner 55 is a wonderful piece of kit which has greatly improved my running . The training plans are fantastic. It has one really annoying feature: as soon as I've finished the task I want to know how I did. But I have to wait until the end of the cool down period, and then I get an average pace which includes the warm up and cool down data as well - when I might have been doing stationary stretching or whatever.  So I might do an easy run at 8 min/mile pace, say, but the watch tells me I did 11 min miles. This is dumb and no coach I ever had would do that - you'd get the data for the actual training task excluding warm up & cool down.

I surely can't be the only user who thinks this! 

I know there are other posts on similar lines suggesting you could split the session into three separate runs, but you can't do this with a training plan which has been made by someone else.

The data is there because I can see it in 'Workout intervals' in Connect on my ipad when I get home - but I don't see how to get it on the actual watch.

best wishes