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Can I correct my swim distance after my workout?

I have been using my Forerunner 55 to record lap swimming for a few months now. I'm impressed by how well it works for the most part, but the watch often miscounts the number of laps. I sometimes only get credit for 75 meters when I swam 100, for example. It also cannot count laps when I am doing a kicking drill, since I am not moving my arms. I am willing to accept these inaccuracies since the FR55 is not a swim-specific device, but it would be nice to go into Connect and edit my workout to add in the kicking lengths and edit the drills that it miscounted. Is that possible?

  • Hi,

    The distance itself will always be calculated based on the pool length and the number of laps.

    So when you select the activity you want to change -> select the “pen” in the web-view OR the “…” in the app. Then scroll below the distance and correct the number of laps to match the distance you really swam. 

    Hope this helps!