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Sleep and stress levels all of a sudden

I am bringing this topic up again bc *all of a sudden* just this week, my Garmin Forerunner (which is brand new - only about a month old) is reporting that I am at high levels of stress while sleeping. This was not happening before. This is actually stressing me out! I notoriously don't move when I sleep. I don't drink alcohol. I'm getting good both REM and deep sleep, according to the watch. I'm very active, have a low resting HR and BP. My understanding is that sleep apnea would put strain on my HR, and I'm not seeing that. I'm very confused. Anyone else?

  • I'm having the same issue with moderate to high stress readings during sleep in the past few weeks. I've used my forerunner 245 during sleep these past six months. I've been looking around my life for the cause of this change, but maybe it's just a software update? 

  • I know this isn't for a Forerunner but my watch band on my Vivosmart 4 was having issues so they sent me a new watch. Now with the new watch my stress ratings have doubled. I'm not really more stressed than I was. Tech support said give it a week for the new watch to adjust. I hope she's right but I've seen this issue mentioned on other posts, i.e. high stress and little to no rest showing even when people are resting. This is disappointing because I use that reading in monitoring my health.

  • can you compare your heart rate with previous hr readings?  I believe the stress score is primarily based on hr so you can see if there is anything influencing your HR or the reading of the HR.