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Some options are missing or changed

Some observations on the Forerunner 55.  

1. Where did the option go to change the background screen color of activities?   I prefer white numbers on black background. Easier for me to see.

2. When you finish an activity such as running.. It asks you to save then you are placed in a stats loop.  The only way I could find to get out was to push the back button.  The other garmin watches I have display a DONE or Update feature to get out. DONE makes more sense to me than the back button.

3. What happened to HOTKeys.  For example the lower left button on a long press goes to music. I don't listen to music and would like to set the long press to something else but can't find it in the options.

4. Is there any way to turn off training suggestions?  I would love to just go into the run app without it telling me what to do for that run. Is there somewhere I can toggle this feature on/off?

Anyone out there have any clues to these questions..

Also I'm not really finding many watch faces yet for this watch.  Too nuew I guess.