Software Feedback - two potential bugs - ver 2.09

Two bugs in the Forerunner 55 software, version 2.09

1. Long load times when trying to view a past activity - when using the "last run" or "history" widgets to view a completed activity (attempted with runs and walks), it takes 10 to 15 seconds to load the data. When viewing history on other Forerunner devices (45 and 245), loading takes a few seconds. This long loading time is also present after completing an activity, when the watch has saved the run, for example, and is then trying to present that data.

2. Text not updating in controls menu - when turning the watch bluetooth on and off, the text in the center of the control menu does not change immediately. If the bluetooth is turned on in order to connect to a phone, the bluetooth icon will flash until a connection is made, at which point the icon will be solid green. However, the text in the control menu still states "Phone: Off" when the expected behavior would be for the text to change to "Phone: Connected". For example, the do not disturb toggle exhibits the expected behavior. To get the bluetooth text to change requires the user to leave the control menu and then open it again.

The watch has been restarted multiple times and reset to clear all data and return to default settings. Both issues are persistent.

Edit: changed software version to correct number