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it turned off for me

good evening i have a forerunner 45 while i was running it turned off completely while its battery was at 60% i have had it for 2.5 years

  • Hi , have you received a solution to this problem ? all I got back in response to my question on the forum regarding FR45 turning off was a link to support pages 'Top Solutions'

  • Hi 

    I have looked at the support page and cannot see how to report this issue, can anyone advise please ?

    I think the issue has been caused by the last software update and therefore needs investigating / resolving by that team 

  • I have the same problem. Watch is 2 years Old. Turns off when running after 2-3km. Fully charged. 

  • Ok, I spoke to support about this problem and it appears that no one had reported it to them before so were unaware of this specific issue. First question was temperature related - does it happen when its cold ?  After investigation it looks to be an undisclosed hardware issue and as its out of warranty it will cost £90+ for a replacement if I so choose.

  • Correction, the first question was software version number which was up-to-date

  • Did a chat with Garmin support yesterday. He had my plug into charger, had told left button until watch turned off. Then turn back on. He had this would prevent it from resetting when it wasn't supposed to. Fingers crossed.

  • lets us know on here how you get on. Im just back from a run no problems, I had it on charge before I went. I suspect when my watch says 60% its actually 'battery low' and when its down to 20% its battery flat.

  • Does anybody's watch stop at the same location? As mine has. Having the same problem with mine too.

    I live in the UK, happy for Garmin to email me and view my garmin account

  • I am having the same issues! Looking for help and would like to be contacted by email! 

    1) In what country are you located? Canada

    2) May we have permission to reach out to you via email? Yes 

    3) May we, if necessary, have permission to view your Connect account?Yes

    Thank you

  • yesterday I spoke with Garmin Greece and they know nothing about the problem