Livetrack disconnecting/reconnecting during activity

Hi there,

the 265 is quite a great watch, a really love the new AMOLED UI, like the new Morning Report animated screens (esp. when it's raining), weather widget main screen, widget glances animation when selecting a new line. Please bring these to the Marq / Epix line soon Slight smile

One quick point I've noted and did not experienced with previous watch (EPIX) is that regularly (like every 15' or so) I have an alert of my livetrack being disconnected and a few seconds/minutes later getting reconnected. Using an iPhone that is on a side pocket on my left leg and watch on the right wrist.

Any clue ?



  • I can confirm that issue. In a 30 minutes walk, there are several disconnections. (In a city with an excellent mobile signal)

  • Thank you for posting! If you are experiencing this, please respond to the following: 

    1: Do you use an iPhone or Android?

    2: Do you start LiveTrack manually, or have "Auto Start" enabled?

    3: Do you have any settings enabled that could force close the Connect app? Any battery saving settings?

    4: Outside of activities, does your watch typically stay connected to your phone (within Bluetooth range)?

    5: If necessary, may I have permission to reach out via email?

    6: If necessary, may I have permission to access your Connect account?

  • Hi Garmin Sierra

    thanks for getting back to us. Here are the answers as far as I am concerned. 

    1. iPhone (14 Pro uusing iOS 16.4.1 and Connect App 4.65 - will try with 4.66 today) (edit : same thing today with 4.66)

    2. auto start

    3. no specific battery setting and battery SoC generally above 50% afaic tell

    4. no issues on that front 

    5 and 6. With pleasure, happy to help. 

  • 1:  iPhone 13

    2: I have "Auto Start" enabled

    3: No settings are enabled that could force close the Connect app. There are no battery saving settings activated.

    4: Yes, Outside of activities, my watch typically stays connected to my phone (within Bluetooth range).

    5: Yes

    6: Yes

    This happened to me today, May 16, 2023. First, I noticed an unusual beeping/warning/screaming, but there was no reason indicated on the screen. I stopped, toggled through my data screens and then the watch restarted. It was still in the run mode, so I resumed my run. Then I noticed that my data screen for Stryd had disappeared. When I reached two miles (and a bench to sit on), I stopped this run and started a new one. I waited for confirmation that all sensors and GPS were ready. I started running and after 4 minutes I noticed that the watch had just stopped recording. So again I started another run and again I confirmed sensors and GPS were ready. The second run was total garbage without GPS tracking, Stryd information, or HRM data. My husband did get three different LIveTrack text notifications.