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FR 265 Swim Workouts

I recently got my 265 and I like it. As a lap swimmer, it's my primary tracking device. I appreciate the inclusion of the drill mode, an essential feature of a lap swimming workout.

Anyway, my main issue is that during an active lap swim, it is difficult to distinguish when the watch is actively tracking my laps or if it's in rest mode. By glancing at the watch during a lap, one cannot tell easily. By contrast, both my 645M and 735xt both displayed inverted screens to distinguish between rest mode and non-rest mode during a lap.

So, would it be possible for the 265, during a swim workout, to have an indicator on the screen, such as a red outline of the screen during a rest mode and green during a workout? Some kind of an indication would be helpful here.

  • A vote WAY UP for this suggestion! I'm having the same experience moving from the Vivoactive 3 to the FR265. I'm used to the inverted screen during Rest and didn't realize how important this was during a swim workout. Without it, I can't glance at the screen during a lap a know if I hit the button correctly or not. I now have to stop what I'm doing, look closely at the screen, and start the lap over again, even if I was right. How frustrating!

    I initially went through the configuration, hoping this was disable by default. I can't stress enough how crucial it is to bring back this behavior!