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Different Vo2 Max values on FR 265 and Garmin Connect

After 5 different short Zwift rides, and syncing FR 265 multiples times to Garmin Connect, I get a different Vo2 Max value on Garmin Connect and the watch.

For background information:

- Using power meter in Zwift rides, and broadcasting HR from FR265 to Zwift.
- Zwift rides are automatically synced to Garmin Connect.
- I am not recording the rides as an activity on FR265 to avoid duplicates, because Zwift syncs it already.

The cycling Vo2max value Garmin Connect indicates that it was updated today, but FR265 says yesterday.

It kind of looks like Garmin Connect and FR265 are calculating different values independently.

Is this a bug introduced with the latest update to Garmin Connect to enable Vo2 Max calculation on the account instead of the device?

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  • I found the culprit, I think. The mismatch between the watch and GC happened after doing short Zwift races that each lasted less than 20 mins. According to this article (, a cycling activity needs to be at least 20 mins for the device to generate a VO2 Max estimate, which the short Zwift races did not meet. However, it seems that this rule doesn't apply to GC, so GC calculated a new VO2 Max estimate from these short races. Today, I finished a race longer than 20 mins and both GC and the watch showed the same VO2 Max estimate. I think this is a bug on the GC side.