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Screen comparison with Suunto 7?

Does anyone have a Suunto 7 and a FR265. I’m just wondering how the screen compares in bright sunlight. With my Suunto I can just about read the screen when the sun is directly on it but it’s pretty washed out. This is on maximum brightness. I’m hesitant to upgrade from my 255 for this reason. 

  • How old is your suunto 7? Amoled isn’t the most durable technique and the brightness will wear over time.

    That’s one of the problems with reviews. Reviews are about brand new devices. We (or at least I do) use devices for a longer period of time with aging batteries and with amoled, aging screens.

  • Good point about the reviews. I've actually only had it for about 10 months so it shouldn't have deteriorated too much. The screen is fantastic in all but the brightest conditions.