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Top performance Garmin for very small wrist (ie. 955 equivalent for small wrists)

Hi all, I am looking for top Garmin watch that would fit my small and skinny wrist. I bought Garmin 955 yesterday, had it on my wrist for 1 day and although I love all this watch has to offer is just so big on my wrist. (my husband was looking for upgrade so will have it). Now I am looking at Fenix options as comes in small size and also latest 265...What are my options, thank you.

  • I have small wrists as well. I would have loved an Epix 2, but its just too big so got a Fenix 7s instead. I also really want the FR 965, but that is also too large and is not available in a smaller size. I have the FR265s (plasticy midrange running watch) and features and running metrics-wise, it has everything I want that the Fenix has except Stamina. It also has AMOLED which Fenix doesnt have. But it is all plastic and I miss the premium build with metal bezel, so FR 965 wouldve been perfect. I do not understand why Garmin thinks runners with small wrists don't want a high end watch. If they make a small Fenix (high end outdoor watch but without AMOLED), why not a small Forerunner 965 (high end running watch with AMOLED)? 

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  • We definitely understand that not all watches will fit everyone comfortably, which is one of the reasons we do have multiple devices of different sizes. You have already mentioned the best devices that I would recommend given the feature rich design you are looking for with a smaller form factor. The fenix 7S is a great choice for a full-feature device while being the smaller design. The Forerunner 265S is also a good choice as it has many of the features that would benefit a runner in training, however it is missing some of the features that you would find on the Forerunner 955 and the fenix series of devices.

    You can find the product comparison here that lists some of the differences between the Fenix 7s and the Forerunner 265s, including their battery specs, display technology, and some of the software features. 

  • Thanks for the reply however this really doesn't answer the question about why Garmin never offers the high end FORERUNNER watches in the "s" size. 

  • I would also like a smaller 965! It’s huge. 

  • Probably because it is less practical to see maps on the 965S version. 965 is more on maps.

    I have a small wrist too. Just get the 265S if you don't need the maps and smaller build.

  • I have a Fenix 7s I use for maps, and it works just fine. In fact, maps would even easier to see with the crispness of an AMOLED display like the FR965 has.

  • Also here to add my name to the list of people desiring of a 965s. Ultimately I settled (and I use that word with much intention) for a 265s. The 965 is too big for anyone with a slender wrist. Garmin has proven maps can work on smaller watches (Fenix 7s), so why not make a 965s. And while we’re at it, just because it’s small, don’t focus on making most models pastel or fluorescent.

  • Although you already ended up with a 265, would the just announced Epix Pro 42 mm have been what you were after?

  • The Epix / Fenix series are beefy watches, even the smallest ones are very thick comparing to the 265, so it is not really a fun to sleep with.

    Going out, doing some rough activities, Epix is fine, but wearing all day, including running, swimming, etc, the smaller 265 is a much more convenient choice. 

  • Another one here asking Garmin to consider a 965S. I tried on the 965 and it's much too big for me. The screen actually extends over the outside of my wrist. If I wore it for sports--which is the whole point--it'd bang against everything. I want the features and battery life of the 965 for ultra running, but the face is too large for my wrist.